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Bubble Tanks 2

Description: Destroy enemy tanks and consume their bubbles to grow. While you grow, your weapons become more powerful.
Tags: bubble, tanks, bubbletanks, other, misc, game, flash, bubbles, grow
WETWILLY33 (18 September 2008):
u spell things wrong and i was just wondering if your retarded or just dumb in de head  happy
WETWILLY33 (18 September 2008):
yo thats so true and i shall mesage u in about 300 years
thumb down
TabashioKitsu1 (27 August 2008):
Alas, I bet so many people have played this game yet so many have not even bothered to comment and inform overs! I dont know why people dont comment I mean you helping out other fellow games.
Telling them whats good and whats bad and weither to waste there time playing or not.
I dont see why we all cant comment!
Were all one big gaming family really so its like helping you mother happy
Anyway, enough of that!
Lets give you all some feedback on this game ...
Its okay i guess.
My recomendations is play for ABIT its a 6/10 for me.
Watch out for big bubbles that shoot mini purple bubbles they inforce slow on you.
And message Me!
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