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1. TASOS131313 21 trophies
2. absol94 6 trophies
3. lucasworley 5 trophies
4. Frisco - Belgie 4 trophies
5. mikewa7 3 trophies
6. Unknown 3 trophies
7. Warris 3 trophies
8. teebag9 3 trophies
9. BrAve 3 trophies
10. jade 2 trophies
11. 3107millie 2 trophies
12. Burkesarethebest 2 trophies
13. Ik ren wiel 2 trophies
14. peter 2 trophies
15. rinkiepinkie 2 trophies
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Car Wrecker
Car Wrecker
Wreck as many cars that race rounds on the circuit.
Crazy Flasher 4
Crazy Flasher 4
A large variaty of weapons and vehicles. Complete missions and kill for cash,...
Desert Rally
Desert Rally
Race through the desert with your rally car. Control youro breaking as long a...
Choose the car that fits your driving style, replace it's tires and drift for...
I love traffic
I love traffic
Control the traffic! Set the right traffic lights green at the right time. Yo...
Jam XM
Race rounds against other cars, win races by either finishing as first or des...
Mad Monday
Mad Monday
Equip your car with weapons and destroy / kill everybody you see on the road!
Pedestrian Killer
Pedestrian Killer
Hit all pedestrians with your car in this racing rampage game.
Planet Racer
Planet Racer
Race around the planets with your car. Upgrade wisely and win races on every ...
Skid WRX
Rally as fast as you can to the finish!
Wheelie Car
Wheelie Car
Balance your wheelies with your racecar to the finish!