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1. TASOS131313 21 trophies
2. absol94 6 trophies
3. lucasworley 5 trophies
4. Frisco - Belgie 4 trophies
5. mikewa7 3 trophies
6. Unknown 3 trophies
7. Warris 3 trophies
8. teebag9 3 trophies
9. BrAve 3 trophies
10. jade 2 trophies
11. 3107millie 2 trophies
12. Burkesarethebest 2 trophies
13. Ik ren wiel 2 trophies
14. peter 2 trophies
15. rinkiepinkie 2 trophies
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Archery Tournament
Obtain a minimum amount of points with your bow and arrows in each run.
Armed with Wings Survival
Survive as many rounds as you can. Use special tricks and make use of your bi...
Bongo Balls
Loads of different levels full of shooting colored balls in the incoming line...
Punch your opponent to the ground!
Bubble Shooter
Shoot the bubbles and get a chain of colors to pop. The bigger the chain, the...
Bubble Trouble Highscore
Bubble Trouble highscore version; Pop all balls and squares as fast as you ca...
Finish the game by obtaining 501 points in as few darts as you can.
Death Worm
Death Worm
You have 60 seconds to destruct as much as you can. And share you score with ...
Defend Your Stronghold
Storm the house, by all means, don't let those evil soldiers destroy your hou...
Fishy Highscore
Eat the smaller fishes and grow to eat bigger fishes!
Gold Miner
Grab gold and diamonds with your grabber, and get the highest score!
MotoCross FMX
MotoCross FMX
Perform some awesome tricks like backflip and the superman on 9 levels as fas...
The original Pacman in highscore style. How far can you get?
Romanius II
Romanius II
Battle your way through Rome. Block, attack and jump to get obtain order.
Stick Trinity
Fight your stick enemies and bosses and perform combos & tricks for a higher ...
Trial Bike 2
Trial Bike 2
Trial Bike 2: the highscore version! Climb your way up to the highest score.
Typing Master
Type the sentences as fast as you can!
Yeti Pingu Throw
Five turns to prove you are the best penguin slammer!